Update: Sold! Go Set Imported from Kurokigoishiten

A SoCal resident emailed us the following information on a Go set he is selling:

I originally purchased and imported this go set from Kurokigoishiten (http://www.kurokigoishi.co.jp/english/) in 2002.  It consists of a 2-sun masame-grade 4-piece Kaya table board, Keyaki bowls, size 33 or 34 snow-grade shell+slate (I have the box that lists the size somewhere but I don’t remember off the top of my head), and Paulownia boxes for the board and bowls (the ribbon for the bowl box is a bit frayed at this point).  I would like to sell the complete set for $1200.

Please contact Jake via email if you are interested or have any other questions. Pictures are below:

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