alpha go

An AlphaGo Zero cheat sheet

Vaughn | October 29, 2017

Here’s a handy overview of how our new overlord works. View at Fascinating and amazing.

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AlphaGo – the movie!

Vaughn | September 26, 2017

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming documentary that follows DeepMind and AlphaGo through the 5 game tournament with Lee Sedol. Needless to say, we’re excited to see this.

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AlphaGo Watch Parties?

Vaughn | May 21, 2017

If any group or club is planning a watch party for the upcoming Future of Go Summit AlphaGo/Ke Jie games in Southern California please let us know! We’ll repost here and on our Twitter account, @socalgo.

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Ke Jie to challenge Alpha Go

Vaughn | February 10, 2017

Ke Jie has announced he will play a best-of-3 game series against Alpha Go sometime in April. Should Ke lose China, South Korea and Japan may form teams to challenge Alpha Go. Check back to see which clubs will host…..

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AlphaGo Unleashed

Vaughn | January 4, 2017

It seems Deep Mind and AlphaGo have caused a bit of commotion playing as “Master” or “Magister” on various Go servers. After winning 50 out of 50 games Deep Mind revealed themselves to the world. Further reading: Google’s AlphaGo AI…..

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